Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

i...........saw..................the opening.......................of..............catching fire!!!!! It was so much fun i went with my awesome friend, brother, cousin, mom, and me:) It was probly the best movie ever!! we saw it in i max and it was totes worth it! you have to see it in theaters to get the cool effect and intensity of the movie!!!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

trying to decide between an x box 360 and a wii

Our family is going crazy over which to buy an Xbox 360 or a wii, i want a wii lol. so what do you think Xbox or wii? comment down below

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

cray cray pic of me

 im balck and white!!!! aaahhhhh!!!!!


hunger games

i dont know about you guys but i am in love with the books and movie series of hunger games i saw the first movie last year and this year they came out with a second one called catching fire ( the movie) and i cant wait to see it! i am seeing the opening if it on november 21 i am sooooo excited!!! i cant wait to see it!!!!!!!!

                                   hunger games this is the first movie and book. they havent came out with the cover of the second one yet ( not that i know of )
ps the book is awesome!!!!! read the book first befour you see the movie there are three books to hunger games!!!!!! i have read all the books lol


                      my brother eric and my cousin anna ( yes we have the same names ) at a fun event!!!!

what all the holidays mean ( annas version ) lol


         NEW YEARS:  new years is for having really fun partys with your friends and running around
                                   in your PJ'S.

         VALENTINES DAY: valentines day is for eating tons of chocolate

          EASTER: easter is for celibrating jesus rising from the dead and for being freeked out by the
                           easter bunny all day watching you lol

         APRIL FOOLS DAY: april fools day is for calling your grandma and telling her that my mom is
                                             pregnant ( by the way dont do that i have learned from past experience!) lol

          MOTHERS DAY:mothers day is for giving your mommy love and cards

         FATHERS DAY: fathers day is for patting your dad on the back and saying thanks lol just kidding

         HALLOWEEN: halloween is for eating tons and tons and tons of candy and missing school the next day cus your sick lol

     THANKSGIVING: thanksgiving is for eat yummy food and getting heart burn lol jk

      BLACK FRIDAY: black friday is when you go cray cray on shopping lol

     CHRISTMAS: christmas is when you celibrate jesus birth and when the little kids sit on santas lap and cry lol jk:)

   P.S.  i just did this for fun i dont mean to offend anybody by this i just thought it was funny!! thanks